Empathy will become of the most important job skills for the future.

Empathy is the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes, and understand what they might be thinking, feeling and potentially doing in any given situation. This is a very important skill, because it allows us to respond to people in a helpful, caring and productive way.

This is of course incredibly important in personal relationships and makes up a key part of emotional intelligence. However, it has an important part to play in professional relationships with customers, clients, employees, superiors and new markets. If we can understand what they are thinking, feeling and doing in a various situations, we can deliver them exactly what they want.

Like most things, empathy is something that some people are better at than others. That doesn’t mean that empathy can’t be developed and nurtured, though. We can all learn to be a bit more empathetic.

A wonderful way to learn empathy is by watching the people around you, and especially the people that you admire and care the most about. Show your child how to be empathetic by:

  • Taking an interest in other people.
  • Asking people around you questions about how they think and feel, and do things.
  • Saying empathetic things to the people around (E.g. That must make you feel…)
  • Reading and watching various media together and questioning different character’s thoughts, feelings, motives and decisions.
  • Talking about history, and why things happened the way they did.
  • Being empathetic with your child, by letting them know you understand what they feel in certain situations (I know that makes you feel…I understand that you feel…I’m guessing that makes you feel…).
  • Being empathetic with your child even when they are in trouble (I know that this consequence is hard for you, but it was your choice…I know being without your phone makes you feel angry, but it was your choice…)