Aug 29, 2017

Reflections on a Retreat in the Karoo 

There is something magical in the Karoo. As you walk out of Prince Albert and into the Groot Karoo, there is a breathtaking sense of quiet […]
Feb 23, 2017

Meditation in the Workplace – An Important Corporate Tool

Meditation has become an important Corporate Tool, with several powerful businesses encouraging employees to meditate at work. The obvious benefit of this is calmer, more focused […]
Jan 24, 2017
outside the box

Start with the End in Mind

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”
Jan 16, 2017
South African Summer

Post-South African Summer Holiday

The South African Summer is hard to forget. As employees turn in their swimsuits for laptops, employers often find it hard to get staff into the […]
Dec 15, 2016

Boston College Newcastle

A big thank you from all of us at Boston! “Boston Newcastle attended a Power Breakfast facilitated by Paul Bushell and hosted at Olive Manor Guesthouse. […]
Nov 30, 2016

16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism (25 November – 10 December) has become an annual moment to reflect on Gender Equality in South Africa. Despite having one of […]

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  • Business Psychology

Development Workshops



  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, I found it very enlightening and could relate to a lot of what yourself and Paul were discussing. We had really positive feedback from the clients who attended as well. I will definitely use the tools you gave us in the kit to help me when I need to de-stress. I love that the mood during the talk was very relaxing and people felt they could open up to you and interact without feeling judged.
    Nicole Garvie
    Marketing Coordinator, Bidvest Insurance
  • Paul is one of those people that from the moment you connect with him you feel at ease and ready to share. The universe bought us together with celestial light and the sound of a harp being played in the background when he asked me to write the forward for his book. Paul's approach is kind, respectful and packed with insight and experience. I am so grateful for the out of the blue connection because it has turned into the most joyous relationship fueled by love and a desire to help people be the best version of themselves.
    Jane Linley-Thomas
  • The workshop was an amazing way to spend time with our clients and talk about something other than work, Jane and Paul made the whole audience feel relaxed and comfortable right from the start, people were so enthusiastic to chat to them which was amazing. Jane really does have a way of putting people at ease and getting them to think. I would highly recommend this workshop to all corporates looking for a way to treat their clients.
    Lucy Cooke
    Marketing Manager - Bidvest Insurance
  • Thank you so much for speaking at our annual Raising Toddlers Seminar for 2018. It is always great to have a fresh perspective on parenting techniques and advice and your delivery and engagement with the audience was exceptional. You held everyone's attention, they seem to hang on your words and really enjoyed your words of wisdom that you imparted. We hope that the parents put them into practice and look forward to hopefully having you speak again for us in the future.
    Marion Smith
    Owner, Aupairs Exclusive
  • “Boston Newcastle attended a Power Breakfast facilitated by Paul Bushell and hosted at Olive Manor Guesthouse. Overall it was a phenomenal experience! A beautiful garden setting, delicious meals and good company. The “START WITH THE END IN MIND” Workshop was both insightful and meaningful and conducted in a very relaxed manner. Each staff member was equipped with Goal Setting and Personal Development skills to enrich both their personal lives and work relationships. Paul is remarkable and I would recommend his Power Breakfast for any work team! A big thank you from all of us at Boston!”
  • There’s always the reservation, when you employ the services of a psychologists, that the session doesn’t become boring. You cleared that out, within 2 minutes of your talk I was enjoying myself. My take out from the session has to be The 3 C’s theory (Choice, Consequence and Consistency). Your presentation on Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours and how they are interconnected was a perfect link to our objectives. The team also provided positive feedback.
  • In Grade 11, pupils go away on a leadership camp for 4 days in the third term. Leadership and their role and vision as Grade 12 pupils are discussed. This time away also provides a wonderful opportunity for the girls to bond. This year we allocated a day in the fourth term to continue discussing leadership and what it meant being a Grade 12 pupils in 2017. We invited Paul Buchell to run a workshop focussing on their goals, Ubuntu and empathy. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. Dream, Do it, Connect!