We understand that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a vital job-skill set for a constantly changing world. Skills like empathy, adaptability, resilience, emotional agility, communication, curiosity, storytelling and open-mindedness will replace classical workplace requirements and qualifications. These skills help us adapt to disruption and thrive under pressure. It is therefore one of the greatest gifts we can ourselves and our children.

Paul founded the #raisingkids brand with the publication of his first book #raisingkids To Thrive in a Constantly Changing World. Since then, it has grown into a brand of products and services aimed at helping adults and children improve their emotional intelligence, as a way of better preparing them for careers in a constantly changing world.

Talks & Workshops

#raisingkids: Love & Chores 

Against a backdrop of constant change and global fears of insecurity and scarcity, parenting has become overwhelming, and often guilt and fear-driven. Based on the book #raisingkids To Thrive in a Constantly Changing World, this talk (60-90 minutes) or workshop (120 minutes) looks at the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in a constantly changing world and how we can practically grow these skills in our children.

#raisingkids: Build a Business

A workshop (120-180 minutes) for Grade 7-10 learners based on the book #raisingkids To Thrive in a Constantly Changing World. Each learner and their family receive a copy of the book, which will be used in the workshop and beyond. In the workshop, learners use EQ tools and activities to develop a new product, business plan and design a new app. This illustrates the importance of EQ in a constantly changing working world, where people and EQ will be the constants.

#raisingkids: Parenting Journey

Online Journey
Based on the #raisingkids series, we also offer regular on-line talks for adults. These online talks include downloadable information, worksheets, activities and resources for adults looking to grow their children’s emotional intelligence. The #raisingkids Parenting Journey covers topics like, Thoughts, Feelings, Choice and Consequence, Empathy, Bullying, Resilience, Self-Image, Embracing Diversity, Managing Worry, Managing Technology, Friendship.

“You held everyone’s attention. They seemed to hang onto your words and really enjoyed the wisdom that you imparted.” – Aupairs Exclusive

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#rasingkids Blogs

Chapter 2 – Thoughts, Feelings & Behavior

Chapter 2 – Thoughts, Feelings & Behavior

Reframing It’s important to remember that we are not our thoughts, we are the observers of our thoughts. This means that just because we have a thought does not mean that it is necessarily true or useful. We have the choice to observe our thoughts and then dismiss...

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Think, Feel, Do

Think, Feel, Do

Think, Feel, Do From as young as possible, children should explore the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behavior. It is important to learn that thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings lead to behavior. If we can learn to identify each of these as...

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