We understand that your career is a journey.

Like any journey though, you need to have a clear destination and a map or plan of how you plan to get there. #raisingcareers is a series of tools and processes for young adults and adults help define and structure their career journey.

Career Assessment   

We offer a range of career assessment services for young adults (Grade 9-12) and adults to use at various parts of their career development.

  • Grade 9 Subject Selection Assessment
  • Grade 11 and 12 Career Choice Assessment
  • Career Development Psychometric Assessment
  • Recruitment and Placement Psychometric Assessment

Talks & Workshops

#raisingcareers: Planning Talk for Learners

This 60-minute Talk introduces learners to the world of work and the idea of career development plans. It provides real and accessible tools for young people to explore themselves, the world work and study, and their own career development. This Talk is very useful for Grade 9, 11 and 12 learners.

#raisingcareers: Planning Talk for Parents

The world, work and career planning is constantly changing. It is important that parents and adults are upskilled to guide their children through their career planning. This 60-minute Talk provides parents with food for thought and tools on how to structure these interactions.

#raisingcareers: Journey

This 120-minute Workshop takes a deeper look into the world of work and career development. It takes participants through a series of activities which allow them to explore themselves and their career development plan. These tools are invaluable throughout our careers, and learners will be upskilled and encouraged to regularly revisit them. The workshop is interactive, and will result in a journal of notes and reflections.

#raisingcareers: My Career Story

A 4-week online course for adults and young adults exploring their personal dreams, goals and careers. The online course takes participants through a series of thought-provoking activities and reflections which stimulate and structure fresh ideas around career development moving forward. This is a great journey for university students, young career-makers and mid-life careers reflection.

Corporate Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice is widely recognized as an effective means of growing personal wellness. In this process, participants will be upskilled on various mindfulness techniques to use in their professional and personal spaces.


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