4 Parts to Career Development in High School

It is important to start career development planning in high school.

Too many students only start thinking about their careers at the end of their final year of school. This often results in rushed and badly informed decisions, and high levels of course/career dissatisfaction and drop-out. Here are 4 parts to consider when starting your career development journey.

1. Reflecting

Take some time to think about your values, interests, qualities, and skills.

  • Career assessment and counselling.
  • Talk about careers around the dinner table.
  • Making lists of things you are good at, enjoy doing, and feel proud of doing.

2. Exploring

Getting a real feel for the job market, different careers and jobs can be valuable in taking your understanding of a career beyond what you saw on a TV series.

  • Get a part-time job.
  • Volunteer.
  • Get some work experience

3. Researching

In a constantly changing world of work, it is important to keep on top of current job, career, and job skills trends. This includes researching study course options.

  • Do some desktop research (new jobs, jobs of the future, job skills)
  • Attend university open days.
  • Make a list of new and exciting courses.

4. Planning

It is then important to take this information and start mapping it out, into different steps, milestones and goals.

  • Download application forms.
  • Write down different application closing dates.
  • Research different associations and registration categories for different careers.