In an age of instant gratification, the joy and benefit of slowing the world down is becoming more and more apparent.

Anxiety and depression is on the increase amongst adults and children.

Although there are various contributing factors to this, a fast-paced lifestyle (fraught with endless choices and comparisons) seems to be significant. Mindfulness or grounding practices are techniques which allow people to slow their world down, and connect with the here and now.

Here are some of the benefits of mindfulness practices for children:

  • Increased Attention (focus, impulse control, and patience)
  • Perspective management and healthy thought hygiene (keeping check that our thoughts are true, useful and kind)
  • Emotional Self-Regulation (helping us deal with BIG feelings)
  • Self-Compassion (growing a kinder relationship with ourselves)
  • Resilience (finding ways to navigate tough moments)
  • Life Skills (like better performance on test-taking, sport, public speaking, peer interactions/friendships)
  • Career Development (a long term practice can be useful in various parts of our career development and growth).