There is something magical in the Karoo. As you walk out of Prince Albert and into the Groot Karoo, there is a breathtaking sense of quiet and space.

The dramatic landscape – both overwhelming and alluring – draws you deeper.

I like to think that my Mindfulness and Relaxation Retreats are a balanced and provoking experience. Over 3 days I watch myself and the small group journey down a quiet, connected, private and restoring path. Based on Mindfulness Practices, we pause and return to simple action – we breathe, gaze out, gaze in, walk, laugh, stretch, write, eat, connect with others, connect with ourselves, listen. Through the guided process, we explore how to be better to ourselves, others and nature.

The space is an important part of this journey, and Dennehof Guest House becomes a safe haven, as we explore ourselves, the Karoo and the town. Food and laughing are also an important balance to the experience, and over the course of the retreat the group enjoys Karoo cuisine presented by some of the town’s highly-publicized culinary high-flyers. Over long, candle-lit, dinner tables one can’t help but feeling a sense of connection and humanness. We laugh, we talk, we allow our senses to connect us with the moment. The chef takes her seat at our table, and for a moment we are transported to an old world, where storytelling and listening fills us with a sense of wonder, magic and caring in the world.

By day 3, the group are moving slower, noticing more, thinking differently. There is a sense of calm. I ask the group to find their seats, and as we look out over the view we have all shared, I watch how the group have started practicing the techniques we have been exploring without my voice or instruction. Together, we have re-realized that so many of the best solutions are the simplest, and that more than often, they exist inside of ourselves.

The Mindfulness and Relaxation Retreat is something that will appeal to individuals, mothers-and-daughters, fathers-and-sons, corporate teams, and couples.