Meditation has become an important Corporate Tool, with several powerful businesses encouraging employees to meditate at work.

The obvious benefit of this is calmer, more focused employees. The spin-off of this is seemingly endless though-improved employee health and less time off work, growing emotional intelligence, better teamwork and relations, creativity and productivity, company loyalty, customer empathy and on and on.

Meditation has also become an essential pre-interview technique for job applicants. The calmer you are, the more likely you are to sell yourself right.

Meditation can be a difficult thing to introduce into your life, and most people are put off by their untamable, racing minds. I hear you say – how will I ever turn off my racing thoughts? Where will I find the time?

Here are some simple tips to get you started: 

  • Download a guided visualization or meditation app. Pop in your earphones and let the words and sounds guide you into a quiet you.
  • Stop making excuses (like you don’t have time) – find a quiet spot, give yourself 10 minutes, close your eyes and begin.
  • You don’t have to levitate or not have any intrusive thoughts on your early or any attempts. When you have thoughts that keep popping in – acknowledge them and gently remind your mind it’s down time.
  • A big part of meditation is breathing. If you need to keep your mind busy while meditating, dedicate your attention the way the breath moves in and out, how your heart responds to this, how your chest moves up and down.
  • If you need something else to focus on while meditating, write down an affirming statement (affirmation), like – I will be kind to myself. Repeat this thought over and over during your quiet time.
  • Stop worrying that you’re doing it wrong. Just taking the time for you to slow the world down is enough to get you started.

You might be very busy, but you deserve at least 5 minutes of quiet time with yourself everyday. Start there.